Economic Equality, Fair Justice 

Fair Housing, Education and 


For The Future.

The Project


 As the rich have continued to get richer and the marginalized in society have been left behind it is up to everyone to ensure privilege is replaced with equality where race, sex, sexual preference, socioeconomic status and country of origin do not dictate access to housing, economic security, health care and education. It is our goal to promote the values of progressiveism within our government, educational system, and public forums. 

The Hard Truth


Adults not working - 31%

Single Moms - 26%

Adults with disability - 25%


Adults without a high school diploma - 25%

Black Americans - 21%

Foreign Born non Citizens - 19%

Hispanic Americans - 18% 

Single Dads - 12%

Seniors - 9%

Married Couples - 5%

Adults with College Degree or higher - 5%

Full time Working Adults - 2%


 Isolated in low opportunity communities that are often highly polluted food deserts and hindered by limited access to educational resources, and discriminated against based on social, racial, and ingrained institutional biases the poor and working poor in the United States have been marginalized throughout history. It is past time that a new social contract is created to give all individuals in this county equal access to full security to live a dignified life. Solutions are a guaranteed income, universal healthcare, minimum wage increased to a living wage, pay equality, subsidized childcare, universal higher education, green energy programs, stronger pollution controls and family medical leave.


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